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Car Dealer Ordered to Pay| Brooklyn Daily Eagle

In what New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman called “a victory for consumers” a judge has ordered the owner of four Bay Ridge car dealerships to pay back a total of $294,500 to customers after it was found that the auto dealer had engaged in deceptive sales tactics. (Read the full story at | Brooklyn Daily Eagle.)

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Just for fun…..

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Credit Report Errors Costly to Consumers

There’s an article over at The LA Times that brings bad news for consumers. A recent study shows errors cost consumers money, and there were more errors found during the study than expected.

While the 26% error rate was high, not all of the errors resulted in changes in credit scores that would cost consumers money, the study said. Of the 2,968 credit reports studied — about three for each consumer — about 2.2% had errors that were likely to change their credit score enough to cause them to pay higher rates for loans and other products.

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