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A 20-Year-Old’s Ode To The Motor City

Hooray for some positive talk about Detroit!

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“You’re staying in Michigan this summer?” “Really? Detroit?” “How did that happen?” “But…why?”

They say that a great relationship brings out your best qualities. You become a better person when you’re together; the most amazing parts of your identity are empowered and encouraged in their presence. You feel happier, stronger and more important when they’re around. The relationship adds a whole new significance to the life you once considered complete. I’m in a relationship with Detroit. That’s why.

Entering into the second decade of life is a rocky transition. The quarter-life crisis reveals itself and exposes the most daunting and unanswerable questions. What am I doing here? Do I matter? Can I, will I, ever do anything worthwhile? It’s inevitable that at some point we all become swallowed by a cloud of fear and uncertainty about the future; we’re at a cross-road where the path ahead is no longer paved…

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