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Credit Report Errors Costly to Consumers

There’s an article over at The LA Times that brings bad news for consumers. A recent study shows errors cost consumers money, and there were more errors found during the study than expected.

While the 26% error rate was high, not all of the errors resulted in changes in credit scores that would cost consumers money, the study said. Of the 2,968 credit reports studied — about three for each consumer — about 2.2% had errors that were likely to change their credit score enough to cause them to pay higher rates for loans and other products.

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“Emotional Contagion” on the Sales Floor


Did you ever have a Manager tell you to stay away from the “poison” on the sales floor? Or maybe you heard, “Don’t allow negative people to make you negative too?” As any Sales Manager can tell you – negativity breeds negativity, and it is one of the most insidious problems with any sales team.

A guy comes to work in a bad mood, hates his life, his wife, and his job. He tells his pals how bad he feels, how horrible everything is (usually the worst being his wife and/or his Sales Manager). Suddenly, one person’s negative attitude is multiplied across eight other people. No one is selling cars and no money is being made — primarily due to the bad attitude winding through the sales force. One person that feels unhappy now makes eight other people feel unhappy. Psychologists call this phenomenon “Emotional Contagion.” 

There’s a wonderful article over at Scientific American about Emotional Contagion:

[Emotional Contagion] is a three-step process through which one person’s feelings transfer to another person.

The first stage involves nonconscious mimicry, during which individuals subtly copy one another’s nonverbal cues, including posture, facial expressions and movements. In effect, seeing my frown makes you more likely to frown.

People may then experience a feedback stage–because you frowned, you now feel sad.

During the final contagion stage, individuals share their experiences until their emotions and behaviors become synchronized. Thus, when you encounter a co-worker on a bad day, you may unknowingly pick up your colleague’s nonverbal behaviors and begin to morph into an unhappy state.

Mimicry is not all bad, however; a person can also adopt a friend or colleague’s good mood, which can help enhance their bond. (continue reading)

Salespeople and Managers need to be aware of the nonverbal ques and unconscious mimicry that occurs between groups of people. This is especially necessary when considering the sales team and the customers. If someone is going to catch a mood from us, let’s try to make it a good and happy one! ~


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Update June 2012

I started this blog 15-months ago with the intention of writing about the funny and strange events that make up life “at the car lot.” After all, I’m a consummate car Sales Person (7-year professional) and a veteran published writer with hundreds of funny stories to tell. The blog was to be a connection-point between my two seemingly different personalities and professions.

It was a wonderful idea, but life intervened and stalled the effort.  The Dealership I worked at decided to move locations and begin a strong push to double sales in the coming year. My workweek , which grew from 60 hours to a normal 75 hours, left me with little time for anything but selling cars, eating, and sleeping. The time and energy to start a new blog and write funny stories disappeared.


There were vast personal changes for me over the past year. I still work a “day job” in the automotive industry, but I’ve reduced my hours in order to more aggressively pursue my writing career. One of the positives is that I’ve enjoyed new experiences and lessons that allow me to write from a place of deeper understanding. Hopefully, I have more of the “artistic distance” we all crave and it will give me the opportunity to write from a more varied and open perspective than before. I believe these changes will help make At The Car Lot a funny, informative, and dynamic blog enjoyed by those both in and outside of the automotive industry.

Weekly posts will be designed to provide an inside look at automotive sales and those who work in the industry. The special “feature” posts will dig into the ethics, salesmanship, and customer experiences of the car salesman – leaving readers smiling, a little wiser and thoroughly entertained!

I look forward to writing more for you soon. . .

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