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How Great I Am (Inspiration)

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Are You Leading?





There’s a neat little post by Vineet Nayar over at HBR Blog Network worth checking out on The Differences Between Managers and Leaders. It’s a quick read covering three main differences:

1. Are you Counting Value or Creating Value?

2. Do you create Circles of Influence or Circles of Power?

3. Are you Leading People or Managing Work?


The topic of leadership v/s management is more prominent than ever. The old belief in these being two different terms for the same thing is outdated, unrealistic, and untrue. Most employees are looking for true leadership from their management. It’s up to us to lead the troops we have as best we can. Nayar’s example of Ghandi is excellent and I totally agree that we need more people in these positions that can offer leadership with vision and inspiration.

Well, what are you waiting for? Follow the link and read his post!

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